Al Garawi Group is a proprietorship company started by Mr. Abdul Wahab Al Garawi. Being a first year university student in the early 70's, young Al Garawi was so inspired on the Royal decree of late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia,in which The King endorsed all the business ownership on Saudi Citizens only. This move was to bring the local population in to the main stream of national development rather than living on the facilities extended to them by the state.

Mr. Al Garawi was so enthusiastic and self dependent. While he was continuing his studies, he used to spend most of his spare time in the down town market area in search of something to start by his own. Finally, in that summer, he decided to start a small store for selling ready-to-wear cloths. He sold his car and obtained some loan to gather the money for his first venture. He spent there almost one year, enjoying the flourishing business that ended up in acquiring his second store at one of the biggest shopping arcade in the city center, during that period. The store was the second largest one in the area.

He was selling nly the locally purchased quality branded products in both stores that made him well known in the area. The enthusiasm again struck him and as another experimental move he bought one carton of LUMBERJACK shoes to sell along with the clothing, sold out in two days.Since that episode, he never looked back, and now, his firm is the largest importer of high quality footwear and apparel products in the region.